Introducing the new Rulmeca Composite Roller

Rulmeca extends its products range with a new cutting-edge innovation in roller technology. Composite Roller is a new non-metallic roller designed for bulk handling conveyors. Its several advantages over traditional rollers make it a compelling alternative for industries seeking improved efficiency in their conveyor systems. With an engineered design and a unique combination of advanced materials, Composite Roller is the perfect fusion of innovation, performance and durability for the most challenging material handling applications.

Unique design

Rulmeca Composite Roller consists of a glass filled high-density polyethylene tube. Also bearing housings are made of this sturdy polymer material, with anti-static additive, through injection molding. An advanced FRAS multi-part labyrinth seal is available as contactless for low drag application requirements or hermetic seal dirty and wet applications. In addition, a large diameter stationary stoneguard with an integral labyrinth design is included. Last but not least, the Composite Roller rotation is supported by a high precision bright mild steel shaft.

Unmatched efficiency and protection

The described design of Rulmeca Composite Roller has all the requirements to ensure performance and safety for the most challenging bulk handling applications, including hard rock ones.

First of all, the sturdy polymer material and wall thickness of the tube provide high load carrying capacity and impact resistance to convey large quantities and lump size materials. Secondly, it provides excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion caused by environmental factors or the conveyed material itself, leading to extended service life even in harsh operating conditions.

With the FRAS labyrinth seal and the stationary stoneguard, Rulmeca Composite Roller guarantees further protection. On one hand, the sealing mechanism both inhibits the ingress of contaminants such as dust, dirt or moisture into the bearing area and resists against fire and buildup of static electricity. On the other hand, the stoneguard prevents the roller from seizing in case stones or rocks get stuck and provide increased protection for seal and bearings.

Another advantage of Rulmeca Composite Roller is low noise emission. Its machined outer surface can dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels, resulting in a quieter working environment.

All these benefits are enclosed in a lightweight construction. In combination with strength and wear resistance, this feature gives to Composite Roller a distinct advantage when compared to standard steel and HDPE rollers, being lighter with equal length and diameter.

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