New Rulmeca product for unit handling: XPS series roller

Focused on the needs of material handling industry, Rulmeca’s continuously evolving range of products is one of the main corporate strengths. Our company is specialized in the production of suitable components for severe load conditions too. In this regard, the new XPS series extends the PS rollers family, quality precision rollers designed exactly to move heavy pallets in internal, external, normal, dusty and humid environments.

The features of the new roller

Series XPS is a chain driven roller for the handling of heavy loads with single or double sprocket welded to the end of the tube. According to the type of application, two possible transmission systems can be executed: simple tangential chain version P1C for a continuous transmission or chain loops version P2C which is more suitable in cases of frequent start and stop cycles. In any case, the chain is generally set lower than the roller plane, so as not to interfere with the transportation of items. Featuring the technical and design properties of PS rollers family, this new product differs from all other Rulmeca driven rollers with pinion in higher strength, precision and reliability even in the most severe application conditions.

XPS roller

A step ahead of similar products

The new roller XPS has the renowned multi-lip labyrinth sealing system, made of highly resistant and anticorrosive thermoplastic material, which ensures a high degree of protection from environmental contamination. This allows for the efficient use of the product in both internal and external environments, even in the presence of aggressive conditions like dust and humidity. Moreover, the monolithic “UNIBLOC” structure guarantees a superior load capacity. This product is fully interchangeable with 139 series.

Possible applications

Roller XPS for chain driven conveyors is ideal for the precise and controlled handling of a great variety of heavy pallets, packages or unit items. Moreover, it can be used to move unit items with regular or irregular shapes. Therefore, it can be applied to multiple industrial sectors, first of all distribution centers and warehouses which notoriously deal with storage, sorting and delivery of packages of any size and weight. In addition, according to the specific reference market, the most varied manufacturing industries whose production and packaging lines need to move heavier loads can rely on this roller. Finally, airports are more specific but equally widespread users of conveyors: roller XPS is a great ally to ensure the daily handling of thousands of baggage in the multiple areas of an airport, for example check-in, x-ray baggage screening, loading and unloading.

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