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Rulmeca has been working with material handling components for bulk applications since its foundation in 1962. By an ongoing focus on market demands and customer requirements, our company is committed to a continuous expansion and evolution of product range and constant improvement in technical, design and service. Building on experience supplying solutions to OEM as well, Rulmeca is now among the preferred and trusted partners for many customers who produce and engineer components or equipment for bulk handling.

Stocked in Vendig for Swedish and European industries

Vendig is a benchmark for Swedish bulk handling industry, having at the same time a strong reputation all over Europe. Founded in 1979, the company is specialized in the development and supply of material handling components for bulk applications with most customers in mining, cement and recycling industry. Since its foundation, the company has focused on belt cleaners and scrapers, but during years several new products have been developed in-house. Together, the range of traded products has been expanded and refined with the aim of improving its service to customers. With a strong tradition in bulk handling activities, Rulmeca turned out to be a perfect partner for Vendig target applications. Thanks to our valuable collaboration, different models and sizes of rollers, idle and motorized pulleys are constantly stock in warehouse allowing the company to provide its customers with premium quality material handling components and grant them fast delivery time.

Rulmeca material handling components for mining, cement, recycling industries

Within the wide range of material handling components for bulk applications, rollers and pulleys are at the heart of conveyor systems to ensure a seamless flow. Like most bulk applications, mining, cement and recycling industries deal with the handling of large and heavy quantities of powder, granular or lumpy materials with abrasive or corrosive properties, as well as changing environmental conditions for open-air plants. Rulmeca manufactures a wide range of rollers and pulleys able to perform and last under the above-mentioned tough conditions. Our company invests in technology to engineer different innovative designs and high-quality materials to ensure safety and resistance. That’s how Rulmeca components ensure a longer lifespan for conveyor systems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for wear and tear.


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All-round bulk handling supplier

The collaboration with Vendig proves Rulmeca openness towards OEM as well as the wide-ranging application of its solutions for bulk handling. Mining, cement and recycling industries are just some fields where Rulmeca products have success. Here follow some our supplies to the most common bulk handling industries, addressing both original manufacturers and end users.

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