Rulmeca beside crushing and recycling industry

During years of evolving production and worldwide experience, Rulmeca earned a great reputation in crushing and recycling industry. Our rollers, pulleys and accessories often proved to be suitable for the handling of bulk waste products, demolition and construction materials like aggregates, wood, glass, plastics and scrap metal. High quality of products is clearly the main reason why more and more industries in the field choose Rulmeca for purchasing components for their equipment. Also, Rulmeca is committed to nurture its partnerships over time providing its customers with great know-how and support in selecting the best tailored solution for its needs.

The case of Maskin Mekano

Rulmeca have been supplying one the most remarkable Swedish manufacturers of screening and crushing equipment for over 25 years now. Maskin Mekano is a family business holding a leading position in the local market and working hard to expand in Europe and worldwide. Since ever, the company has been pursuing the aim of achieving customers’ quality expectation and satisfaction relying on suppliers in synch with its values and needs. This is the case of Rulmeca: proven, high-quality and easy maintenance components, technical assistance, flexibility in meeting special requirements, quick and accurate delivery and, last but not least, sense of sustainability which is in line with fully electric plants of Maskin Mekano.

Rulmeca motorized pulleys

Maskin Mekano found the perfect electrical drives for its plants in Rulmeca motorized pulleys. First of all, they are build-in and electrically wired components, ready to be connected to the electrical system. Motor, gearbox and bearings are enclosed and hermetically sealed in a steel cylindrical shell, resulting in a compact, light, silent and safe design. Due to this special configuration, Rulmeca motorized pulleys perfectly fit for crushing and recycling equipment because they provide great resistance against aggressive materials and environmental conditions without breaking down or requiring any maintenance over long time. Also, Rulmeca motorized pulleys boast higher efficiency than traditional drives and comply with sustainable values of Maskin Mekano: with low frictional losses, they are able to transfer up to 97% mechanical efficiency, reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and noise impact, indeed.


sealed design

maintenance costs

High efficiency

working consumption

Low levels of
system noise

Safety for
line operators

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