Rulmeca conveyor rollers for a cornerstone Italian food industry

Many important brands resound across Rulmeca history, looking for high-quality conveyor rollers and other components for their facilities. Since its foundation, our company have spread its know-how and fieldwork all over the world, getting trust out of the utmost industrial entities too. Italian food industry, known as the best taste and quality worldwide, counts many popular and longstanding names. Exactly one of the most representative industries of the field, specialized in cured meats production, chose Rulmeca material handling components.

Our collaboration with Beretta Group

Beretta Group is known for its centuries-old history and iconic products laying on Italians’ tables since forever. Just to reveal the order of magnitude of the company, now it has about 20 specialized sites, including logistic and production bases situated abroad contributing to Italian food export. Rulmeca supply of conveyor rollers specifically addresses Medolago plant, province of Bergamo, with the aim of keeping its operating at peak efficiency. This is one of the main production facilities, also having a unique feature: a product pasteurization facility which ensures the highest level of safety and quality to customers. Not only geographic proximity, but above all long-year market leadership and cutting-edge convinced Beretta Group to call for Rulmeca.

Efficient and FDA compliant conveyor rollers

The high production rates of Beretta facility in Medolago requires an efficient and long-lasting material handling line along the entire process, from processing to packaging of goods. Also, it goes without saying that the plant must comply with national and international food hygiene regulations. All production lines are cleaned, washed and sanitized to ensure perfect hygiene and fight cross contamination, indeed.

Thanks to the collaboration with Rulmeca, Beretta Group found the perfect solutions to reach its double goal. Our conveyor rollers and motorized rollers share an excellent combination of design and materials, always resulting in efficiency and durability. Their use helped our customer to reduce downtime and maintenance interventions, so improving productivity. At the same time, our company guided the customer in the accurate selection of food-safe components whose water, cold and chemical proof features could support regular washing and disinfection.


Food contact
compliant materials

Hygienic design
easy to clean and disinfect



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