Rulmeca Drive Roller wins over industrial automation experts

Rulmeca plays a vital role in industrial automation applied to material handling by manufacturing rollers, drives and accessories for conveyors. Our company is a trusted partner and supplier for many engineering and manufacturing companies of material handling equipment, indeed. Within our extensive range of material handling components, the so-called OEM customers can find the perfect fit to their projects and set up a selection of high-quality conveyor systems for end industries. Our innovation and flexibility combine with the expertise of international engineering companies with the shared goal of helping industries to speed up and increase their productivity.

100% Made in Italy conveyors with Marber Automazione

Marber is an Italian player of industrial automation, providing brand-named conveyor systems to automate processing, packaging, sorting and shipping operations in plenty of industries. Dealing with simple applications and complex projects, Marber is able to manufacture custom-made solutions. Starting from the in-house design of both electrical and mechanical aspects up to final assembly and installation, the aim of the company is always prioritizing innovation, efficiency and safety for its end customers. Hence, rooted in the national engineering and manufacturing tradition, Marber found in our Italian production site at Rulli Rulmeca the same quality approach to material handling. In particular, in line with the increasing demand for technology in material handling and custom-oriented approach to clients’ needs, the customer eyed up Rulmeca Drive Roller as the best and most complete solution to create unit handling conveyor systems.

Rulmeca Drive Roller

Efficiency, safety, innovation and versatility: Rulmeca Drive Roller has what it takes to meet the most challenging and varied demands of unit handling applications. Our motorized roller is equipped with a brushless motor technology with constant torque throughout a wide range of speeds set. The result is an extremely electrically-safe as well as silent, compact and easy-to-maintain solution. These advantages can be easily applied to a wide range of unit handling applications having different speed, load and workplace requirements, including electronics, pharmaceutical, automotive, food and manufacturing industries in general, warehouse and distribution centers. Indeed, Rulmeca Drive Roller design provides for flexible configuration in terms of type of transmission of adjacent rollers, interface type, transfer logic.


Low, medium
or high speed

high torque

start/stop cycles

working consumption

Low levels of
system noise

Safety for
line operators

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Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca Drive Roller

Discover Rulmeca Drive Roller, its main features and available configurations to set up unit handling conveyor systems.


Limitless supply for unit handling applications

Whether it is an OEM like Marber or an end customer, Rulmeca is the preferred choice of many companies dealing with automated material handling. Our company designs and manufactures a wide range of components for unit handling conveyors, addressing any manufacturing or distribution industry. Here follow some of our supplies to the most common unit handling industries.

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