Rulmeca partnerships to heal oceans

Within the strong commitment of Rulmeca to environmental sustainability, marine environment safeguard is not excluded. Now that ocean pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems worldwide, many organizations are taking a positive action to solve it and protect marine biodiversity. Rulmeca is sponsor and official partner of Race for Oceans and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, two of the most important non-profit organizations chasing this goal. They organize and carry out usual beach and ocean cleaning up activities involving voluntary companies, students and local citizens as well. However, they also invest time and resources on scientific research and development of innovative technologies to accelerate the resolution of the problem.

Twofold benefits of these partnerships

Race for Oceans and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup encourage partners to join them to gain support for their mission and drive positive change towards environmental sustainability. However, these partnerships are mutually beneficial since they are an added values for partners as well. The trusted relations between these organizations and Rulmeca as a big and leader company around the world works exactly in this double sense.

All-round support for organizations

Race for Oceans and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup have found in Rulmeca what a company should have to be a great partner. First of all, our company aligns with their mission and values of environmental sustainability since it chases the contrast of any environmental problem through dedicated investments and practices. Then, its strong reputation and global presence echo such values and therefore boost organizations’ credibility and increase awareness about ocean pollution worldwide, aiming at attracting new partners or activists to join the mission. Moreover, such organizations usually rely on the generosity of their partners by accepting voluntary donations which represent important resources to improve and expand their initiatives and researches. In occasion of its 60th anniversary, Rulmeca has made two donations to Race for Oceans and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup as proof a real and practical contribute.

Rulmeca corporate image improvement

First, Rulmeca is clearly honored to partner with important organizations fighting for a worthy and serious cause, as ocean pollution is, running an impressive work for no-profit but just to save the environment and reduce mankind footprint on nature as much as possible. Besides that, supporting Race for Oceans and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup helps Rulmeca meeting its corporate sustainable objectives. These partnerships foster the positive reputation of our company by respectively gratifying and attracting existing and new customers, employees and partners which are more and more sensitive to ocean pollution as one of the main current environmental problems.

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