The main RDR system in Spain by Rulmeca

Since its foundation, Rulmeca has created trusted and long-lasting business collaborations with manufacturing companies of automatic transportation systems all over the world. Two key elements encourage them to consider our company a reference supplier, whatever the requirements of their end users are. On one hand, the constant evolution, reliability and variety of our product range embrace both bulk and unit handling applications. On the other hand, Rulmeca is not a mere supplier, rather a complete partner which assesses all technical aspects and requirements of a project to get the best possible result.

The case of Vector Conveyors

Vector Conveyors is a Spanish company manufacturing of fully automatic transportation lines for the most varied industries and applications. After a first successful supply for a bulk handling system, Vector Conveyors called again Rulmeca for the realization of an important unit handling line in 2021. The project addressed Verdnatura, the leading Spanish wholesaler of flowers, plants and accessories from Valencia. The company deals with a huge quantity of products every day, since it buys them from producers all over the world and sell them to florists, decorators or other flower-related business all over the world, again. Therefore, its processing, packaging and logistics departments need to trust in automatic lines to provide the most efficient service.

Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca was involved for the installation of RDR Drive Roller for the entire project. 600 rollers (3 per meter) were used to create a 200 meters long conveyor line, meant to become the most important operational RDR system in Spain. Rulmeca Drive Roller was chosen for its configuration flexibility to be used with the different workloads and operating conditions of processing, packaging and distribution sections of Verdnatura line. Indeed, Rulmeca Drive Roller allows to set up motion transmission to adjacent rollers and transfer speed, as well as control modules according to project specifications. Also, besides typical continuous transportation, the product is suitable for complex operating patterns, including frequent start/stop cycles commonly required during logistics operations.


Low, medium
or high speed

high torque

start/stop cycles

working consumption

Low levels of
system noise

Safety for
line operators

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Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca Drive Roller

Discover Rulmeca Drive Roller, its main features and available configurations to set up unit handling conveyor systems.


Vector Conveyors

Once experienced the quality of Rulmeca products and team, Vector Conveyors called for the collaboration of our company for an important project in Spain. It commissioned us to supply hundreds of Rulmeca Drive Roller for the realization of a complete automatic conveyor line for Verdnatura, the main wholesaler of flowers in Spain.

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