Airport baggage conveyor systems with Rulmeca drum motors

Conveyor systems for material handling are not only used behind the scenes of manufacturing, packaging and distribution facilities of consumer goods. A still industrial but in plain sight application is airport industry, where conveyor systems have a close, tangible and relatable impact on people’s daily experience. Indeed, they are used to handle, control and manage passengers’ baggage in check-in, X-ray screening, loading and unloading, sorting areas. With a wide range of in-house designed and engineered rollers and drum motors, Rulmeca addresses airport industry with the best material handling technology for the necessary continuous, high-use of conveyors.

Long-year partnership with SGM Service

Rulmeca has been supplying the Italian company SGM Service Srl for many years, establishing a representative partnership of fieldwork in airport industry. The company was founded in 2005 and rapidly developed its specialization in the design, manufacturing, commercialization and installation of a full range of airport baggage conveyor systems. Based upon the evolution of airport market, it is committed to provide quality, reliable and high-performance products to meet the main application requirements. This leads to research and selection of trustworthy suppliers in technical and innovation terms. Over the course of years, Rulmeca has been supporting SGM Service Srl with accurate technical assistance and product customization to setup unique baggage conveyor systems according to their specific function.

Rulmeca Drum Motors between silence and high speed

The relentless number of people travelling by plane and therefore the huge amount of baggage to be handled by airports everyday determine the need for continuous running and high-speeds conveyors to process more luggage per minute. Also, despite being located in passenger areas which are crowded and noisy, quality standards require noiseless baggage conveyor systems having certain decibel limits considering photometric and other noise-related aspects. Rulmeca Drum Motors exactly meet these main requirements using a 3-phase AC induction motor coupled to a gearbox. Compared to traditional gears, electric power is directly transferred to the conveyor providing powerful drive, continuous running and silent functioning at the same time.


Fully stainless steel

Increased efficiency

Powerful drive

Silent running

Compact design


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