Drive Roller BL3: the latest generation of Rulmeca Drive Roller

Rulmeca Drive Roller is already known as the simple but functional, highly technological and innovative motorized roller produced by our company. On the basis of customers’ requirements, the product and its application sectors have benefited from the continuous improvements over the years and Rulmeca has taken its third step in the evolution of the product by launching the Drive Roller BL3.

Outstanding features of the new item

RDR BL3 Drive Roller is equipped with an electrically-safe 24V DC low-voltage integrated brushless motor, which is fitted inside a 50 mm Ø tube.

This version has a big advantage in terms of economy and optimization: it does not need the use of external electronic boards because it’s directly interfaced with PLC or simple switches and all necessary protections for the correct operation of the item are integrated. However, possible components in support are available: the external RMC (Rulmeca Motion Control) electronic board to optimize control and interface to system, ASi-Bus interface, Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) cards and extension cables of different sizes and types.

BL3 Drive Roller is a silent, compact, efficient and long-lasting solution which does not require maintenance of its functional parts.

Besides these advantages, the Drive Roller BL3 stands out for providing increased and higher performance in terms of speed and torque. Indeed, the brushless motor is more performing and it can meet the growing dynamism requirements of logistic market through a wider range of configurations, according to desired speed, weight, size, material and base profile of the items to be conveyed.

Unit handling applications

Transportation of packages is a crucial part of the production process of many industrial sectors and the reliable and durable BL3 Drive Roller plays a key role in improving transport system and allowing the preparation of motorized roller conveyor where continuous or non-continuous operations are needed.

Logistics is one of the main application fields of BL3 Drive Roller. It’s efficiently used for sorting systems in postal and e-commerce sectors, manufacturing industry, warehouses and distribution centers to handle a wide range of products and materials with different sizes and weights. The speed can be possibly regulated according to the large variability of these parameters. Documentation, letters, envelopes, parcels, boxes, packages, goods and so on can be easily and rapidly picked, transported and sorted.

BL3 Drive Roller is also ideal for roller conveyor of all airports to handle and transport very big quantities of baggage without interruption. Every day, operators working in different areas of the airport, including check-in, X-ray screening, loading, unloading and sorting of luggage, deal with thousands of items.

Moreover, the possible quick release of the motor of BL3 Drive Roller can rapidly solve the potential failure of the system through a short time replacement without compromising the performance of the whole conveyor.


Low, medium or high speed, which can be fixed or varied by the client

Constant high torque setting within the speed range

Frequent stop/start cycles, suitable for non-continuous operations

Optimized operating consumption

Low levels of system noise

Safety for line operators

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Roller BL3

Discover the latest version of Rulmeca Drive Roller. Its excellent money value and its convenient features make BL3 Drive Roller the ideal solution for the most demanding customers.


The tradition of pasta-making company De Cecco meets high technology

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The pasta-making company De Cecco wanted to enrich the tradition of its activity with innovation and technology. Rulmeca BL3 Drive Roller allowed the realization of a completely automized conveyor system for the transportation and palletization of packs ready for delivery.

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