Industrial logistics: the RULMECA solutions

Industrial logistics aims at increasing flexibility, productivity and quality in virtually any manufacturing or industrial process because it can guarantee flawless operational performance 24/7, with rare occurrences of stop. When industrial logistics is made of top-notch solutions, the chance of error decreases significantly compared to the manual operations performed by human beings, and safety is also improved.

Once alleviated the percentage of human error in industrial processes, both quality and productivity are enhanced. In terms of flexibility, it is important to remember that the most recent and evolved industrial logistics solutions guarantee customized projects for different types of warehouses, plants, sites.

RULMECA is the globally renowned group that offers omni-comprehensive solutions for Industrial logistics thanks to its wide range of products destined to unit handling.

In terms of industrial logistics, RULMECA offers a wide range of products and solutions to satisfy the specific needs of a sector in constant evolution.

Well-aware that industrial material handling must be constantly up to date when it comes to the newest technologies, RULMECA has developed components of conveyors offering practical and versatile solutions to industrial logistics.

Designed with engineers and technicians in mind, the solutions by RULMECA actively help and enhance the quality of processing in several industries that are challenged with tasks of handling and distribution.

The wide range of solutions for flow storage by RULMECA include:

  • FIFO Flow Storage with gravity rollers: designed for the intensive warehousing of goods, this “First in – First out” system is suited to the warehousing of perishable or high rotation goods.
  • LIFO Flow Storage with gravity rollers: perfect for the intensive warehousing of low rotation goods, is a “Last in – First out” system for warehousing non-perishable goods or goods that can be grouped in batches of similar dimension.
  • Push Back LIFO system: ideal for the intensive warehousing of low rotation goods. This “Last in – First out” system is particularly suited to the use in refrigerating rooms.
  • Shelves with wheels: a system for the storage of goods of small size packed in cartons, aimed at high-frequency picking operations.
  • Shelves with rollers: they are designed to transform conventional static shelves into a gravity flow storage solution in a quick easy way, thus improving the light-picking operations.
  • Extractible shelves: a rationalization, monitoring and handling of products that reduces the fatigue and improves the operators’ throughput. Especially suited for heavy loads as it increases safety for the human operators.

RULMECA: strength resides in experience, know-how and global vision

RULMECA is a family-owned company that has been working in the Manufacturing and Marketing of components for Material Handling industries for over half a century.

Today, the RULMECA Group includes 1200 employees in nine manufacturing companies and eight sales companies, and is known for its international approach thanks to its presence in Europe, Africa, Australia and America.

The group designs and manufactures the largest range of rollers and motorized pulleys and its strategic focus aims at a high-quality service, provided locally to enhance the customer experience.

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