Motorized pulleys with grooved lagging for modular belts

Rulmeca offer well proven driving solutions for plastic modular belts having applications in different industrial fields.
Modular belts are special belts composed by different sections allowing customized solutions. The modular belts are especially suited to the food industry where products need special care and their surfaces allow quick and deep cleaning, in the respect of the existing norms.

Rulmeca also provides a solution with grooved rubber lagging to drive the modular belt. The profile of the rubber is made to fit the belt type, and all major belt types can be supported.

The basic material is composed of nitrile rubber with excellent properties in relation to abrasion and temperature resistance.
The rubber lagging can be supplied in white or blue execution.
The white and blue are based on food approved type of carboxylated nitrile rubber.

All important types also available in Polyurethane.

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