“Rulmeca Drive Roller”

Roller ways are equipped with Rulmeca products that play a key role in the industrial sectors that make transportation their own business core. Rulmeca’s solutions for roller ways are supplied on the basis of careful calculations that consider the shape, the weight, the average life and other variables of the handled material and the type of transport.

Rulmeca’s drive rollers with the relative control boards represent an important innovation in the technology of conveyors.

If motorized by drive rollers, the handling systems of items require no further drive unit for the safe and quiet operation of the conveyor. “Rulmeca Drive Rollers” are components, tested and advanced, perfectly suitable for engineering automated transport systems, such as roller ways, for higher performance and reliability.

50 mm in diameter, these 24V dc drive rollers represent the ideal solution for motorizing roller handling systems since they have been conceived for assembly in spaces, the dimensions of which are adequate for the roller only.

The Drive Roller is a highly technological and innovative product, the performance and functions of which can be optimised through an RMC electronic board upon request.

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