Rollers and components:
are considered central in the management of handling

Rollers and components are considered central in the management of handling with regards to the hygiene of materials and areas.

In the food sector, the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products must be monitored throughout the process in order to avoid any possible contamination. For this reason, conveyor belts and relative components are considered central in the management of handling with regards to the hygiene of materials and areas.

The prevention of biological, physical and chemical risks relating to equipment is a fundamental aspect in the designing and manufacturing of conveyor belts.

It is therefore equally fundamental to choose products that guarantee a low level of wear and at the same time are designed with materials that ensure high levels of cleanliness.

In close cooperation with our customers Rulmeca offer solutions for the food/vegetable processing industry, driving excellence in performance, food safety and sustainability.

We’re able to cover each process stage, from live animal handling to packaging.

Our systems are efficient, thorough and hygienic.
They are designed to fit easily into any food or vegetable processing lines.

Using high water pressure cleaners, the units thoroughly rinsing the product and thereby reducing the bacteria count significantly. Our products ensure improved hygiene, less bacteria and safer end products.

We are able to serve every Food processing Industry with our Rollers and Drum Motors.


From slaughter to packaging, meat processing requires solutions that are perfectly suited to the harshest environments. RULMECA fully stainless-steel drum motors with IP69K enclosure are the perfect match for your machine or conveyor as, very resistant to intensive cleaning.

Our food contact compliant materials (EU Regulation 2020/45 & FDA) assure you the highest food safety in your processing. Hygienically designed according to NSF and EHEDG guarantees a quick and easy continuous or end of shift disinfection.


The automated processes for transforming milk into ultra-fresh products, cheese or milk powder require reliable and hygienic technologies.

With our special focus on providing super fine surface finishing of our drum motors (Ra≤0.8 μm) we have minimized the risk for residual harmful microbes which may infect your foodstuffs.


Freshly produced raw vegetables goes into salad bags we have grown so fond of. As the produce is not heat treated, the risk for contamination is increased. In the canning and frozen foods industry, the equipment is subject to harsh environments, due to the presence of water, steam, juices and residue.

RULMECA drum motors provide solutions for raw produce handling as well as deep freeze applications, and helps keep the contamination risk mitigated by being very easy to clean and disinfect.


Processing fresh fish & seafood, particularly Salmon, is a great challenge with respect to hygiene. Contamination levels in the processing chain has been known to be an issue, and can occur at any point, for instance in machines used in salting, skinning and slicing the raw fish.

RULMECA drum motors help reduce the contamination risk by using unique polyurethane when lagging our shells for plastic modular belting solutions. Our polyurethane as opposed to the most commonly used material rubber (NBR/XNBR) does not break up and is solid and non-porous. This means for the user a longer lifetime and greatly reduced risk of contamination.


As many ready-to-eat meals are fresh and uncooked, a special care and focus needs to be put on the production environment and machines.

Meal ingredients are fresh and delicate, and intensively manipulated by processes i.e. cutting, sorting and presenting in trays for packaging. This increases the risk for introducing contamination from processing

machinery surfaces which reduces the shelf life and can present health risks. RULMECA hygienic drum motors and components make it easier to provide for a super clean environment due to our hygienic design focus which is in our DNA.


Snacks, baked goods, pastries, chocolate products and confectionery go through many automated processes including transport on conveyor belts. RULMECA drum motors support the most hygienic conveyor belts preferred in these machines.

We offer a premium polyurethane lagging, with superior lifetime and greatly reduces contaminations risks.

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