Rulmeca at checkout counter

Not only production and packaging departments but also final retail chains rely on conveyor automation. Traditional checkout counters of all or most hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery stores are none other than belt conveyors, indeed. Rulmeca is a reliable partner for this specific application with an extremely versatile range of components for unit handling conveyors.

Supermarkets and stores requirements

Uncountable people go grocery shopping and just as many products are transported by supermarkets checkouts every day. Belt conveyors are the best solution for cashiers to bear such high rates and customers flow in a safe, fast and constant manner. They manage to simplify and accelerate their operations, maximizing service efficiency and meeting customer satisfaction. First, the non-continuous running with frequent start and stop cycles allows cashiers to move and scan items gradually but still rapidly. Moreover, checkout belt conveyors are safe for both personnel and transported products. On one hand, if properly designed, they can provide a silent running which is desirable for a more comfortable workspace. On the other hand, they can meet hygiene regulations to ensure the safety of any transported product, especially foodstuff. Finally, belt conveyors combine performance and efficiency in a compact structure. This is convenient both in little grocery stores where the available space is reduced and in large supermarkets where dimensions and customers’ flow require the setup of more than one checkout counter.

Rulmeca products

From drive units to rollers, the components designed and manufactured by Rulmeca respond to the specific requirements of the supermarket sector. They perfectly integrate with checkout counters optimizing the available space and ensuring efficiency and durability.

Drum Motors

Rulmeca contribution to supermarket sector starts from drive units, essential components for any conveyor system to move. Among others, our selection of Drum Motors counts powerful drives for light and medium duty conveyors as checkout counters are. First, they are intended for the typical non-continuous use of checkout conveyors where frequent start and stops are required to optimize scan operations. Also, a silent running is guaranteed providing operators with a pleasant workplace. Other benefits are enclosed in their hermetically self-contained design. This compact structure takes up minimal amount of space allowing for an easy and space-saving installation in bigger and smaller checkout conveyors. Moreover, no components are exposed to environmental conditions or tampering meaning that low maintenance is required throughout their service lifetime. Therefore, Rulmeca Drum Motors are the perfect combination of features required by any supermarket and grocery store to set up a performing, efficient and durable checkout counters.


Compact hermetic design

Low noise emissions

Increased efficiency

Reduced energy consumption

Long serving life
and high reliability


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The Italian company Meta S.r.l. chose Rulmeca as partners for its business. The company supplies the major national and international retail chains, as well as free-standing stores, with the best components for checkout conveyors. In this specific case, the renowned premium quality of Rulmeca Drum Motors and rollers revealed to be the best solution to meet the requirements of supermarkets.

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