Rulmeca Drum Motors meet hygiene requirements of bulk butter machines

Rulmeca is one of the most trusted manufacturers of premium components for material handling worldwide. It’s not just about products, but real solutions. Our products are often the best and most functional choice to solve problems or satisfy specific requirements, rather than standard or alternative ones. It is the case of Rulmeca Drum Motors: they are studied and manufactured to guarantee the compliance with hygiene regulations, a crucial aspect of all food industries.

Requirements of bulk butter machines

When talking about food industry, hygiene guidelines play a key role. Dairies, butter producers and all food industries using bulk butter are not an exception.

Naturally, this priority is the same for the main international leader manufacturers of butter-making machines and bulk packaging machines which must design automated systems in compliance with hygiene requirements, choosing their component suppliers carefully.

The food industry’s stringent hygiene regulations, valid for bulk butter field as well, provide for a regular washing and disinfection of all the machines, in order to minimize the potential contamination of products. According to the general norm, cleaning operations are made at least twice a week, since machines mostly operate 24/7.

For this reason, bulk butter automated machines manufacturers must choose high standard components able to tolerate any cleaning operation. For instance, the components which drive infeed and outfeed conveyors are included, so they must be sealed according to IP 69k, in order to avoid the damaging ingress of water.

Benefits of Rulmeca Drum Motors

Exactly one of the world leading companies in the field of bulk butter machines production relied on Rulmeca Drum Motors which fulfil all the hygiene guidelines for processing and packing machines in all food processing environments; therefore, they are perfectly suitable for the specific field of butter, thanks to the following convenient features.

Strictest hygiene standards

Rulmeca Drum Motors comply with HACCP norms. They are ideal for Clean in Place (CIP) processes and conform with all the requirements of EU Regulation 2020/45 (10/2011) and hygiene standards FDA (Food and Drug Administration), USDA, 3-A and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group). All these certifications respond to the strictest hygiene requirements of the food industry; therefore, they make our drum motors perfect to be used in butter machines as well.

Resistance to all cleaning operations

The hygiene advantages of Rulmeca Drum Motors lie in their design. Compared to laterally flange-mounted classic gear motors made of steel, Rulmeca Drum Motors are made of stainless steel AISI 304, integrated seamlessly and almost invisibly into the system and they are not painted, so the creation of rust is avoided. Moreover, they are highly integrated single components with a flat smooth surface: this allows easy cleaning operations to prevent bacteria formation and to not accumulate dirt and mold which would contaminate butter. The motor is hermetically sealed and offers the highest ingress protection – up to IP66/69K – even during the highest pressure wash down procedures.


Hygienic design easy to clean and disinfect

Food Compliant materials EC2020/45 and FDA

IP 69K

Reduced energy consumption

Powerful and reliable

Compact design

Guaranteed for food


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Smooth as butter: successful use of Rulmeca Drum Motors

One product, one solution. A world leading manufacturer of automated butter-making and bulk packaging machines chose Rulmeca Drum Motors in order to design and produce systems completely in compliance with all the stringent hygiene regulations of the food industry. In particular, the company used Rulmeca Drum Motors to handle and unroll the foil with which the cardboard containers are lined before filling them with the butter and for the machines to feed and advance these containers. The final satisfaction of our client and its recognition as leader company in the field prove the successful use of Rulmeca products.