Rulmeca interventions on unit handling conveyors

Rulmeca core business, that is the design and manufacturing of components for material handling systems, also includes unit handling solutions for conveyors moving articles and unit loads which can be handled independently. Rulmeca presents a selection of its partnerships which show some of the applications where it achieves success and, above all, prove our company leadership in the field.

Rulmeca leadership

Rulmeca is a reference point in logistics. Our solutions are ideal for production, packaging, storing, sorting and shipping of numerous products and articles, including documents, letters, envelopes, parcels, boxes, packages and goods of any kind in postal and e-commerce sectors, manufacturing industry, warehouses and distribution centers. Moreover, all production and processing areas of food industry as well can rely on Rulmeca products. Finally, unit handling applications also include airports: our products are suitable for automatic systems of the various areas of the airport, such as check-in, X-ray screening, loading, unloading and sorting of luggage.

Last successful projects

During its long year activity, Rulmeca has worked for several and important customers, installing its products on unit handling conveyors in companies all over the world. Rulmeca products revealed to be the ideal solution for problems and needs of many customers who preferred the technology and the reliability of our products rather than traditional alternatives. Hereafter, our company presents a selection of its latest realizations, showing the main advantages which push new customers to rely on Rulmeca every day.

Hygiene proof products

One of the most demanding sectors is food industry, where the maintenance of hygiene is crucial in all areas of raw materials, semifinished and finished products processing. Hygiene norms provide for regular washing of belt conveyors in order to avoid products contamination. During years, several end users and manufacturers of food industry equipment have called Rulmeca to get quality components: the New Zeland horticultural company LeaderBrand, the German food industry conveyors company Horst Affeldt Fördertechnik Service, the Italian manufacturer of fruit peeling and cutting machines ABL S.r.l., the Italian fresh vegetables conveyors manufacturer Tecnoceam and the German manufacturer of bulk butter filling machines WAL Mess- und Regelsysteme GmbH, to mention the latest partnerships. These companies have showed the same interest in Rulmeca drum motors. Indeed, electric components are most exposed to the risk of damages caused by corrosive and abrasive elements deriving from processing and water jets of regular washings. Rulmeca drum motors design is ideal for these conditions: the materials and the hermetic seal of all driving components protect against external agents and ease cleaning operations. Not only that; in the specific case of an American cranberry producer in North Central Wisconsin, Rulmeca drum motors have been installed in place of exposed drives on an elevated conveyor located over products, avoiding oil leaks which would have contaminated the transported fruit.

Resistance to extreme temperatures

Not only drum motors, but also Rulmeca rollers are suitable to be used in food industry thanks to their specific design. Furthermore, the wide range of rollers for unit handling includes components which are able to perform and maintain high performance at temperatures between +55° and -30° C. Among the numerous customers in food industry, the Italian company Soavegel, leader in the production of frozen food, has taken advantage of this convenient feature. The realization of an automatic systems to move and store these products necessarily needed the installation of rollers which were suitable for extremely low temperatures, ideal for the warehouses and the cold rooms of the company. Therefore, Rulmeca has come into play and has satisfied customer’s needs supplying different rollers.

Speed and flexibility

Given the importance of using conveyors in logistics, large-scale distribution is a widely served sector by Rulmeca. Due to the increasing demands of the modern market, several companies aim at improving their business and invest in the renovation of their logistic plant, increasing systems speed and flexibility. During years, Rulmeca has worked for important and internationally well-known companies. Among the latest, the famous textile manufacturing company Bassetti has chosen Rulmeca Drive Rollers RDR to improve their automatic systems of order creation, automatic packaging, storage, sorting and shipping of products. Rulmeca has accepted and satisfied a similar demand by the Italian company Nero Giardini, well-known for the production and distribution of shoes and fashion accessories, supplying rollers and drive rollers, as well as flow storage solutions. Finally, Rulmeca has completed another important logistics project for the famous pasta factory De Cecco. Our company has contributed to the realization of a new completely automatic elevated conveyor line for transport and palletizing, towards which three other automatic lines convey. Due to the need of running faster to be able to efficiently receive and handle articles coming from three different flows, the new conveyor has necessarily required the installation of specific components: Rulmeca rollers and drum motors revealed to be the best solution in terms of speed and flexibility.


High performance

Highly selected materials

Long serving life
and high reliability

maintenance costs

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