RULMECA Drum Motors and rollers: the highest technology for the food processing industry

Today, for all types of food, freshness and a long shelf life, if possible without preservatives, is of vital importance. Strictest hygiene is a determining factor. And for exactly this reason, many food industries rely on Rulmeca drum motors and rollers for processing and packing conveyor systems.

Cleanliness and hygiene can be considered as a single essential concept.

The cleaning of surfaces involved in the processing of foodstuffs is undoubtedly a challenging procedure that cannot be neglected.

In order to facilitate this operation Rulmeca is going to certify its drum motors in accordance with EHEDG, thus responding to the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

This certification will guarantee sector operators the possibility to carry out cleaning operations safely and easily.

EHEDG is an international association composed of a series of research institutes, health authorities, universities and food manufacturers.

The aim is to guarantee the safe handling and processing of foodstuffs.

EHEDG certification provides Rulmeca motorized pulleys with elevated standards of hygiene.

The use of these products guarantees the handling of foodstuffs in total safety, as they respond to hygiene requirements, rendering cleaning a simple, fast and economical operation.

In the food sector, the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products must be monitored throughout the process in order to avoid any possible contamination. For this reason, conveyor belts and relative components are considered central in the management of handling with regards to the hygiene of materials and areas.

The prevention of biological, physical and chemical risks relating to equipment is a fundamental aspect in the designing and manufacturing of conveyor belts.

It is therefore equally fundamental to choose products that guarantee a low level of wear and at the same time are designed with materials that ensure high levels of cleanliness.

Thanks to their flat smooth surfaces, stainless steel finish and totally enclosed, hermetically sealed design, Rulmeca drum motors are easy to clean, thus reducing contamination risk in food processing environments.

Drum motors are all-in-one components that avoid corners and dead spaces that are difficult to clean.

Thanks to this, they perfectly fulfil the recommendation of the US Food and Drug Administration that issues guidelines for fresh-cut processing lines.

It recommends that the equipment should be designed and constructed in such a way that it is easy to clean and maintain, thus minimizing the potential for microbial contamination of the fresh-cut product. In particular, the equipment must feature sealed, smooth, non-absorbent and easily cleaned food contact surfaces. Rulmeca Drum Motors have a steel surface with an Ra value of <= 0.8 µm.

This guarantees a reduction in the accumulation of microorganisms, a lack of fissures and gaps, ease in cleaning and lastly savings in terms of time, water, chemical products and energy.

Belts and drives should also be constructed to ensure they are free of pits, folds, cracks, crevices, open seams, cotter pins, exposed threads and hinges to avoid harbouring pathogens.

Due to their sealed all-in-one design, drum motors are highly waterproof. The motor and the gear unit are integrated in the return pulley, which is required anyway for the conveyor system.  Additionally, thanks to their waterproof design, they do not leak any lubricants which could contaminate the products as well as the rinsing and washing water. Other types of drives such as central drives with chains or decentralized drives with separate worm gears need extremely complex designs to reach the same level in waterproof and hygienic design.

Rulmeca is a manufacturer that has long term experience in the design of drum motors and offers its drum motors with sealing in various IP protection levels including IP66/69 – the highest protection rate for the most demanding cleaning regimes in the food industry.

Drum motors: totally enclosed, hermetically sealed

Our range of Motorized Pulleys covers dry, wet and wash-down applications, (IP 66/69), in food processing, packaging, dynamic weighing and logistics. It is the most versatile, powerful and energy-efficient generation of conveyor drives available on the market.

Light Industrial Drum Motors range:

  • Light loads diameters 80 – 113mm
  • Industrial Drum Motors: diameters 80, 113, 138, 165 and 220mm

All Drum Motors are available in mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel.

Rulmeca‘s high quality rollers and components for light, medium and heavy duty internal unit handling are available in a large number of variations, surfaces and diameters, and for a vast range of applications (Airport, Security and X ray screening, Postal, Parcel and E-commerce, Manufacturing and Automation, Distribution Centres and Warehousing, Food and Fish processing, Beverage processing) with various options of material type and finish, for both normal and aggressive environments.

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