Setup of rollers conveyors for unit handling

Flexible and versatile material handling systems

Facing the widespread tendency of industries to modernize and automate their production and distribution lines, rollers conveyors represent a reliable and appreciated alternative material handling system. They consist of a series of parallel rollers mounted in frames able to let loads roll along a path making easier and faster their transportation. Rulmeca has been specialized exactly in the design and manufacturing of rollers for conveyors for decades. Our production is distinguished by great versatility and adaptability, with all of our roller conveyor products able to be customized according to the specific requests of the client.

The use of rollers conveyors

Now plenty of industries integrate their production and distribution lines with rollers conveyors. In particular, roller conveyors are light-duty material handling systems whose structure and composition provide a stable surface for the transportation of goods per units. Roller conveyors can act as connection systems to move and transfer goods between different working areas. In this regard, they can be used for manufacturing, sorting, storage and distribution processes in the most various industries. Then, depending on the needs related to the specific application, it’s possible to equip specific roller conveyors. Rulmeca designs and produces different solutions to equip roller conveyors tailored to the available work space, load capacity and type of conveyed materials of any single application.

Rollers conveyors

Unit handling applications

Thanks to their flexibility and adaptability in usage, rollers conveyors are widely used in numerous industries to manage and improve their logistics. Airports (check-in, x-ray screening, loading and unloading, baggage claim), food and beverage industry, warehouses and distribution centers, e-commerce, packaging and manufacturing facilities are included, due to the nature of the conveyed materials. All these applications deal with products and items that can be handled independently, even in large quantities: baggage, food and beverage, documents and envelopes, boxes, pallets, parcels and customer goods of any kind.

Types of rollers conveyors

Flexibility of roller conveyors also lie in the possibility of realizing different configurations. These systems can be set up to carry out horizontal, inclined and curvilinear movements. Rulmeca ensures all possibilities thanks to a complete selection of rollers which include both basic cylindrically shaped rollers and tapered rollers for curved conveyors. Moreover, roller conveyors can be moved either by gravity or power and Rulmeca production responds to these different demands as well. Our range of products counts gravity conveyor rollers: a cost-benefit solution to use gravity force in the place of a power source to move items. However, gravity roller conveyors may not be the best solution in applications where the transportation of goods over a longer distance is required. Here, powered systems are likely the most suitable solution. To this end, Rulmeca proposes specifically designed components for belt driven roller conveyors and chain driven roller conveyors, as well as the special and innovative concept of RDR drive roller with a sealed integrated motor.

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