The fields relying on Rulmeca for unit handling

During years, the starting bulk handling components production of Rulmeca has been extended and integrated with a wide range of products for unit handling. Thus, Rulmeca has gained a global leadership position in the field, diversifying and enriching the range of industrial application it’s able to cover and, therefore, the number of satisfied customers all over the world.

Multiple application fields

By now, belt conveyors are an integral part of several industrial sectors since they allow the optimization of production, packaging, sorting and storage processes of infinite products. With a wide range of rollers, drum motors and other components with an efficient design and high-quality materials, Rulmeca offers products which are suitable for varied applications and for multiple goods and items handling.

Food and beverage industry

Rulmeca designs and realizes products which are suitable for the whole processing, production and packaging process in any food and beverage industry. The design and the materials used by Rulmeca meet hygiene norms and high standards required by this field, ensure an easy cleaning and withstand frequent washing operations, thus eliminating possible contaminations on raw materials, intermediate and final products. Moreover, Rulmeca offers solutions to handle packed goods, but also bulk containers intended for packaging and bottling lines in food and beverage industries.

Production and packaging

Not only food industry, but any industrial field having a raw materials processing, production and packaging of final products processes can rely on Rulmeca to automate and optimize the different operating phases. Indeed, the components designed and produced by our company perfectly suits unit handling of the most varied goods and items.

Distribution centers and warehousing

Rulmeca products are widely used in large-scale distribution where having an efficient logistics is essential. Our products are ideal to realize dynamic storages and continuous or non-continuous automated conveyor systems which can speed up and optimize process of order creation, packaging, storage, sorting and shipping of documents, packages, goods and different consumer items in postal sector, company warehouses or the biggest e-commerce centers.


Within logistics, Rulmeca also supports airports. Belt conveyors are essential in any airport in order to handle the continuous flow of thousands baggage every day. Therefore, it’s important that systems always work correctly and without interruptions to ensure the best service to all travelers. The high efficiency and performance of Rulmeca products ensure a continuous, rapid and flexible functioning of the conveyors used at check-in, X-ray screening, sorting area, loading and unloading point and baggage reclaim.


High performance

Highly selected

Long serving life
and high reliability

Minimum maintenance costs

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