Rollers and components for unit handling in industrial applications

Rulmeca offers a complete range of rollers for unit handling in industrial applications, made with the use of different types of materials allowing customized solutions for any handling need.

Goods conveying is a fundamental aspect of production, packaging and distribution of numerous large consumer products and industrial components. The use of high quality and high reliability rollers is the condition to handle units in an efficient and inexpensive way, thus granting a lower cost of the finished product. The Rulmeca range includes rollers and components for unit handling in industrial applications able to satisfy the highest quality standards.

In modern industries the design in the handling and transport of goods require the equipment to be able to eliminate effort, to speed up the operation, and to decrease and facilitate the work.

Rulmeca is one of the most important and qualified manufacturers of rollers on a world basis, rollers suited to any type of conveyor and automated system.

The advanced techniques of design and production grant the highest performances in the industrial applications, even in the most severe conditions.

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