Rulmeca Flow storage systems

The warehouse logistics developed by Rulmeca offers rational and economic solutions, thus providing for the best utilisation of available space and a decrease in order preparation costs.

For forty years, Rulmeca has been offering and installing its storage systems in companies with different production and distribution requirements, on the basis of the considerable intrinsic advantages thereof.
Rulmeca proposes dynamic storage logistic systems while always strictly cooperating with the customer to find out the solution most suitable for specific needs. The storage system is chosen after a careful analysis of the space, times, production, volumes and the environment in order to fulfil the logistic needs for a rapid rotation of products.

Warehouse logistics play a fundamental role in managing production and the activities of a company, above all for large-size companies, where storage systems are crucial for the correct preparation and execution of orders.

Thanks to its organisation totally focussing on customer satisfaction, Rulmeca studies and offers customised warehouse systems to maximise the warehouse efficiency.

Feel free to contact us for any further information on dynamic storage systems and on the production of rollers for the Rulmeca warehouse.

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