The warehouse efficiency management

The problem of product warehousing and stock control has a remarkable importance in all industries in terms of operation efficiency, used spaces, energy and operators’ costs.

The conventional warehousing systems impose the use of important spaces both in the entrance aisles and in the warehouse area. For this reason the aisles must be large enough to allow the movements of forklifts during the loading and unloading operations. In this type of warehouse the consumed energy and the necessary labor involve rather high management costs and often the goods flow comes out to be slow.

Rulmeca proposes a warehousing concept that offers a rational and inexpensive solution, allowing an excellent exploitation of the available spaces and a reduction of the processing costs and the management and maintenance costs.

Rulmeca warehousing systems increase space availability by removing the entrance aisles, with the exception of the input and output entrances at the opposite sides of the warehouse for the loading and the pick-up of pallets or other types of items. In this way you get the maximum warehousing density and the capacity can be doubled or more without having to widen the existing building.

Roller lanes assure a regular flow of the goods, which once positioned on a pallet or in suitable containers, move with gravity on the slope lane towards the opposite side where they can be picked from.

With Rulmeca Flow Storage you can save in energy and operators costs. Furthermore, the first-in, first-out system is especially interesting for the food industry as it assures the automatic rotation of the goods, thus avoiding the aging. The Rulmeca flow storage can also be used in refrigerating rooms.

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